Horus Construction Services has been the dominant minority business enterprise in wall system design and construction for airports, universities, and commercial facilities around the nation.


Our team has successfully completed 15 International Airport projects since 2001. Horus Construction Services, Inc.’s close working relationship with International Airports gives us the strategic ability to identify potential problems, provide solutions and ultimately produce your project without design flaws.


Horus Construction Services, Inc. has collectively completed more successful International Airport projects than any other minority wall system company. Although other companies have built airports, our team will deliver the highest quality building solution, faster.


Horus Construction Services, Inc. uniquely understands the need to deliver an advanced facilities that help to ensure safe travel amenities for our neighbors and families. Our RFQ presentation will show that Horus Construction Services, Inc. offers highly skilled, construction management professionals with a proven track record of delivering high profile projects in a timely manner and within budget.


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