Horus’ focus on safety begins before the first turn of the shovel.  We believe in planning each project with a safety mindset, and work continuously to improve and enrich the Horus Safety Program through ongoing training of our workforce, superintendents, and managers.  We adhere to the higher standard of holding every Horus team member accountable.


We believe that all accidents are preventable, therefore, all injuries are preventable, and we strive for an injury-free workplace.  Our Horus Cares Program instills safety responsibility upon our workers from day one, and we train them to understand how awareness and responsibility effectively save lives. 


Horus fosters a safety culture where team members instinctively look out for themselves, and for each other by planning their work, identifying and eliminating hazards, and doing their work the safest way possible.  Every Horus worker has the authority to stop work.  If it cannot be done safely, it will not be done. 


At Horus Construction Services, Inc. safety is our first priority.  By adhering to the following, we keep our safety program current, and our workers safe and responsible:


•  Management's commitment to safety

•  Weekly tool box safety meetings at all jobsites

•  Effective job safety training for all categories of employees and trades

•  Job hazard analysis provided to all employees

•  Audio & visual safety presentations given at jobsites by in-house OSHA certified trainers

•  Various incentive awards for exemplary safety performance


Every employee is expected to comply with Horus' Safety Program, as well as OSHA Health and Safety Standards, and our dedication to safety allows Horus workers to go home safely at the end of each day. 


Not only do safe working practices keep our workers safe, they also pay dividends to our clients. Operating costs go down, and productivity goes up due to less lost time from accidents. 


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