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Jonathan Graham, President of Horus Construction Services, Inc., has worked in the construction industry since the age of twelve, mentored by his father and uncle.


After working for years in the subcontracting phase of minor and major projects Jonathan’s aspirations were to learn from national and international construction firms.  Jonathan has teamed with Skanska USA, Hardin Construction, Weitz, and Turner Construction on projects such as Tampa International Airport Airside “E” ($130 Million), Raymond James Stadium ($200 Million), Channelside ($50 Million), and currently Tampa Museum of Art ($92 Million).


Jonathan truly understands the challenges that face each minority firm.  His goal has always been to help with real issues, in areas where minorities have the most difficulties such as business plans, bonding, accounting, and effective scheduling.



Consistently giving back to the communities in which he works, Jonathan is always looking for a way to advance minority and women owned businesses, especially in the construction industry.  Jonathan has benefited from the help of majority construction companies and continues to solicit their help on behalf of the minority community.


Jonathan Graham (Horus Construction) is a corporate member of Minority Contractors Association of North Carolina, sits on the Board of Florida Aquarium, has served as Chair for the Ida S. Baker Awards.  He has been noted for his commitment to education, generously contributing to Education Foundations.  Additionally, Jonathan has received numerous awards for his commitment to excellence in the construction field, and has received the Hillsborough County Public Schools Construction Management S/W/MBE Achievement Award (Top Performer) 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and was recognized as the Hillsborough Education Foundation Most Valuable Person (2008).


Many articles in noted publications and periodicals have been written about Jonathan Graham, his expertise in the construction field, and his vision for minority contractors. Both individually and on the corporate level, Jonathan and the Horus team are committed to helping other minority firms maximize their potential by serving as mentor and motivators to small, minority, and women owned business to assist them in becoming valued members of the construction community.  Jonathan recognizes that a helping hand can mean the difference.

James Graham, Jr.

Vice President - PreConstruction

Horus Construction Services, Inc.


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As Vice President of Pre-Construction for Horus Construction Services, Inc., James has over 30 years of construction experience. His duties include oversight of construction document analysis, developing detailed cost estimates, defining bid packages, analyzing bids, constructability analysis, and value engineering.

Paul Eastman  

General Superintendent

Horus Construction Services, Inc.


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Paul has over 30 years of construction experience. His project experience ranges from governmental facilities, schools, airports, and financial institutions to medical facilities. His duties include oversight of project superintendents, foremen and other subcontractor personnel. Paul will assist the Senior Project Manager and support staff with schedule-intensive, sequentially complex projects.

Robert Smith

Sr. Estimator

Horus Construction Services, Inc.


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877-898-6879   Toll-Free


Robert has over 25 years in construction supervision including accurate takeoff, estimating, budgeting, contracting, purchasing and invoicing. As part of our pre-construction team Robert will assist in layout, control lines and elevation working closely with Architect and Owner.  Robert will oversee all on site supervision, coordinate subcontractors, material and equipment orders, and provide two week look ahead scheduling.  Robert’s expertise has been directly responsible for our completing several major projects ahead of schedule.

Greg Kraemer

Senior Project Manager

Horus Construction Services, Inc.


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With over 20 years experience, Greg Kraemer’s knowledge of the construction process is enhanced by his field experience. Greg is responsible for all project administration, including preconstruction, purchasing, cost control and analysis. As Project Manager, Greg will be involved in both project details from start to finish including maintaining project budgets, scopes of work, schedules, ordering material, and close-out. Greg will conduct the weekly construction status meetings. Greg has the ability to work effectively on projects with aggressive schedules.

Sonya Robins

Senior Vice President of Operations

Horus Construction Services, Inc.


813-242-7695   Office

727-420-0586   Cell

877-898-6879   Toll-Free


Sonya oversees the business development department of Horus Construction Services Inc. Sonya has worked on over 35 school projects in Pinellas, Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco and Hernando counties. She will be an active an integral part of the team for this project, as she assists the Team Leader throughout the project with coordination of all meetings and activities both pre-construction and during construction. Sonya will handle Contract Administration and coordination of all accounting paperwork (including Direct Purchase)

Lena Graham-Morris

Vice President of Business Development and Marketing 

Horus Construction Services, Inc.


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407-335-9248   Cell

877-898-6879   Toll-Free


Lena has extensive experience, identifying tradeshows and job fairs. Working closely with Work Force Florida as bridge to assist clients with employment. advertising campaign reaches the target market, Coordinating interviews, public appearances, lectures, contests, and exhibits for clients to increase product and service awareness. She has established and maintained cooperative relationships with representatives of community, consumer, employee, and public interest groups. Lena facilitates events and creates public awareness programs. Work closely with other Coalitions, and health departments to create adhesion with program. Establish and maintain cooperative relationships with representatives of community, consumer, employee, and public interest groups. Organized over 75 PBS/NPR on-air fundraising campaigns. Analyze contribution trends and created 5 year forecasting plan. Responsible for securing over $2.2 Million Dollars in revenue on an annual basis by on-air fundraising and community donors.

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